People always ask me: hey Julian, are you in the band?
No. I am the one doing the Illustrations. The drawing guy. I studied Animation at the Filmuniversität Potsdam Babelsberg. In my diploma thesis i researched how the character design in american cartoons from the 1950s was developed. Since then, i suffer from incurable midcentury fever.

I live in Berlin, Germany. You got an idea for a Collaboration or Commission with a nice retro feel ? I’m your Man!



„Julian is an artist that has a style reminescent of all the great mid-century commercial illustrators. I love this lad’s modus aparendi and he has a great eye for the Mod esthetic.“
(Parka Pat, Parka Avenue)

„Yeah! Yeah! Yeaaah! Eye melting illustrations that pack a visual punch. You just gotta dig Julian Weber’s mighty fine work.“
(Fritz,  Buzzsaw Joint)

„Get him while he’s fresh & young!“
(Ray Black & The Flying Carpets)

„I did!“
(Jesse James, 50 Foot Girlfriend)

„Warum bist du keine Frau?“
(Andi Säge, Nitribitts)



Art Exhibitions:

„My Record Collection“ at Unter der Hand Berlin, May 2015. Painted on Records and old Recordsleeves.

„Printswurst“ Group Exhibition at Der Raum, Offenbach 6-9 July 2017. Artprints and everything Wurst

„Frankenstein 200 Anos“ Group Exhibition at Cine Capitólio, Porto Alegre 18 May-3 June 2018. Painting of Cartoon Frankenstein

„Art Exhibition“ at Ballroom Bash, Cologne 26-28 Oct 2018. Rocknroll/Garage/Pinup Drawings

„The Haunted House of Gallus No. 5“ Group Exhibition at BePoet Offspace,Frankfurt am Main 3-23 Nov 2018. Spooky Drawings and scary Paintings.